Whoa, they’re a making a Fables game!

Bill Willingham’s fantasy-noir-adventure-romance-whatever-it’s-awesome comicbook Fables is getting a video game adaptation courtesy of Telltale Games (Back to the Future). Plus they are also making a Walking Dead game, which wasn’t much of a surprise given that they were hinting it already a few weeks back.

But wow Fables, I’m excited!

It’s funny that a few days ago Bitmob (a column-centric game site created by some of the original EGM crew) asked readers on their Facebook page “What comic book character (who has never appeared in a video game) would you like to play in a game, and what would that game be?”. I answered, which was a cheat or not depending on your preference: “It would be interesting to see Bill Willingham’s Fables get a video game adaptation even though the chances are very slim. It’ll play like an adventure game similar to Heavy Rain where you also get to control different characters and witness each of their perspectives.”

…and lo behold. Never thought it would be possible given that Fables, as popular as it is to the comic/graphic novel crowd, doesn’t exactly have a rock star status within the core game community. I’m sure Walking Dead has caught some attention thanks to its spectacular mini series. And by core community I mean mostly the dude-bros with their Mario posters, Halo shirts and Marvel vs Capcom hoodies. In short– it’s not entirely super mainstream yet. Asking for a Fables game is nearly the equivalent of say asking for a Sandman game or even a Runaways beat-em-up.

As to what the game will be, which characters will you be using, the story arc or setting and so on; we don’t know yet. But I guarantee it’ll be an adventure game since this is Telltale Games and that’s their forte. If the recent Back to the Future game was any indication, then rest assured it’ll be an interesting title to look forward to. Just please hire James Jean to do some of the layout and artwork and I’ll be one happy fan.


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