It definitely feels like 1998 again…

…well, early ’98 to be precise.

Back then I was hooked with a little game called Final Fantasy Tactics. The amount of time I spent with that game, even though it sports a questionable translation, was priceless. Might’ve even failed a couple of Algebra quizzes on the way while I was carefully planning and tinkering my pixelated troops night after night. Shit who cares: it was super worth it!

Now? I’m playing a game called Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together and the experience is –you guessed it– very very similar. It’s like crack and I’m loving every minute of it. Just reached Chapter 2 a few minutes ago and I’ll most likely talk about it more soon…

The other ‘happening’ 13 years ago was Marvel vs Capcom at the arcades. I remember, usually every Fridays after school, I would visit Sega Synergy (Glorietta 2) and spend the rest of the afternoon playing… and playing. Bit of a hassle though since it’s an arcade unit, and spending tokens weekly wasn’t exactly rational for a 14 year old.

And now? Marvel vs Capcom 3 is literally a few steps away from my desk and it’s also… kind of a crack. Brilliant. I’ve been playing it non-stop along with Tactics Ogre. Indeed it is a fucking crazy game. Will talk more soon…

Yes I’m practically feeling a sense of déjà vu here. 1998 was arguably one of the best years in gaming history. StarCraft, MGS, Ocarina of Time, Half Life, Xenogears, Parasite Eve, Resident Evil 2 and among others were all released that year (besides the other 2 I mentioned earlier of course). Maybe 2011 will follow the same route *points out this wiki page*. Wow.


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