Tim Rogers is…

…fucking crazy, and I mean that in a good way, of course. His articles may clarify the crisp definition of “TLTR” (Too Long To Read — just to make sure I’m on the right page with you guys), but his personality is… enjoyable. That is, of course, if sardonic tones are your liking. Unlike some articles out there that span over a thousand words and are mediocre, uninspired, or just simply unreadable because the chap doesn’t have a slight clue to what an opinion defines; Tim Roger’s write-ups are a breath of fresh air. Try skimming one of his articles, if you could, and you will still get his “point”.

Currently, I’m listening to the latest 1UP Podcast where he’s guesting and, holy shit, he’s clearly stealing the show! OK, maybe not so much but his remarks are entertaining. Yes, yes — it’s my first time listening to him in a podcast and I bet he probably has his own, if not other famous videogame site(s) which houses him as a guest chair or a regular.  Just saying or sharing that I’m currently enjoying to what I’m listening to right now, is all.

Now excuse me while I continue to do so, along with my cold-like Taco Burito King quesadilla and nacho chips with salsa…


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