So it is now officially called “The Amazing Spider-Man”…

…and I like it even though it wasn’t much of a surprise. Expected nonetheless.

Oh and that’s a pretty good official shot of the new costume. The new spandex, which looked really slick when it was officially unveiled, has raised some general concerns when the set-and-unpolished photos have been making rounds over the last few weeks. Even I wasn’t exactly fond of it the second I peeked at Spidey’s black crotch. And less we talk about those Spidey shoes, the better because I profoundly believe it’s just there for shooting purposes.

The suit is prominent for this reboot in the same way Andrew Garfield is as playing the titular character. So far right now, suit wise, it’s looking tolerable. The only way we can fully judge everything here is when we see it move, swing and do all those signature Spidey stances. Of course that will be months from now (San Diego Comic Con, I’m looking at you) because the movie is still a year and a half away.

Yes I’m being optimistic here and I know Marc Webb will deliver a very well crafted Spider-Man movie. Believe.


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