Super Robot Wars Z2 trailer 2…


Gurren Lagann! Macross Frontier! 00! Geass! Fansevice all around c/o of the latest trailer of Banpresto’s current flagship SRW title that’s, unfortunately, heading to the PSP this coming April. Unfortunately yes because, being a new-major Super Robot War title that’s coming to a handheld instead of a hi-def console… is disappointing. For an epic sequel such as the next chapter of the Z saga, I’d rather have high resolution sprites, optional fully-voiced attack music, and play the entire thing on a comfy couch. Was bummed out when I heard this game’s announcement weeks ago. It was, for the most part, the same feeling I had when Sega decided to release Valkyria Chronicles 3 for the PSP.

Actually a bit worse when I read that it’s gonna be 2 games.

Though hey after viewing this trailer a couple of times, it’s looking not too bad and I can live with it. The sprite animations are still freakin’ gorgeous!

*geeks* Favorite parts? The one where Simon uses the drill, Macross Quarter and the VF25, Team Dai-Guren, and when the American-Char dude (Graham Aker) showed up.


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