I can’t believe this game is coming out next week…

…and I’m really super excited!

The hype. It’s soooo unbelievable. I mean seriously guys– do you believe this? Do you believe that a game called Marvel vs Capcom 3 -a franchise we haven’t seen in 10 years- exists in this planet we breathe in, and it’s coming out so fucking soon? Wow.

So… to celebrate the hype over what is easily one of the most awaited sequels of all time, here’s a combo video I stumbled across the forums earlier this afternoon. Tis a very flashy one and yes I’d like to see Strider pop in as a DLC soon along with Nick Wright and Mega Man.

Haven’t finalized my initial 3-person team yet actually, but it’s looking something like this: Amy and Dante as my experimentals or new characters to try out, and Spidey as my classic all-around guy. What about yours?


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