Added my PlayStation Network ID…

…at the bottom simply because the spaces below feel empty-ish and I want to add some color. No, this is not by any means of me bragging my PS Trophies. Trophies that I have skillfully acquired ever since Sony decided to swipe Microsoft’s Achievement system (2 1/2 years ago if I’m not mistaken) and have their very own gamer points structure. I’m not exactly a Trophy whore like say my good friends (and former GStop co-workers) Adam and Jason, but I do want to maintain a suitable score and make most out of my PS3 library.

It doesn’t also imply that I’m this huuuuge freakin’ Sony fanboy because I’m totally not. I used to until I purchased a 360 four years ago (thanks to former-bossman Chris’ recommendation) and embraced-&-appreciated western gaming. That’s another tale right there actually.

However if you, the reader, are an owner of what is my personal pick as the HD console of this generation, and don’t mind adding me up as a gamer buddy, go ahead. Send me a note.


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