Tales of Graces F US Bound

It’s official. Tales of Graces F is coming to North America in 2011. Here’s my gif-y reaction.

I played the Japanese demo months ago and I assure you– if you love the Tales series, or even just simply like ’em the way I do because I still give a shit about J-RPGs, then we are in for a treat.

Thank you Namco Bandai for not abandoning us Tales fans. THANK YOU.

Graces F is in fact the better and HD version of Graces which was originally released on the Wii (JP only) 2 years ago. It was ported to the PS3 in Japan a year after with better visuals and some sweet additional content. Based on the localization conundrum the Tales series has been solving over the last 2 years, this will be the first major English release since 360’s Tales of Vesperia.

It’s odd that the official website doesn’t clarify to which console this will be in. But since it has the letter “F”, I’m positive it’s the PS3 version. Unless of course they forgot to switch logos…


3 responses to “Tales of Graces F US Bound

    • deserves it? Tales of Vesperia came to PS3 in japan and we (ps3 users) deserves it and they didnt brought it, so Graces F should stay Ps3 only here in USA let it be even 😉

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