Catherine JP Demo Impressions

Finally, I was able to find time and play the Cathy’s Trial Edition (in Japanese) thoroughly over the weekend. There are other games keeping me occupied lately; the little guy from Media Molecule and his online ventures, Capcom’s engaging DS game, Bioware’s award winning title, and a very special import I may talk about soon. There’s also that Rockstar game which won many GOTY awards which I got recently for a very very good price.

So… how’s the Catherine demo? Aesthetically — beautiful.

It carries elements I want in a hi-def game from the makers of the recent Persona games. Which means gorgeous and stylish visuals, great layout menus and superb music. Yes the presentation alone –for a guy who uber loves Personas 3 & 4– is phenomenal especially now that it’s in HD. Graphically it’s on par with CyberConnect 2’s Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm games. That’s quite a major compliment.

The inevitable Shin Megami Tensei Persona 5 will look fucking gorgeous. Believe. Unless of course it’s coming out for the NGP and NOT the PlayStation 3 (I doubt it though you never know)…

But how does it play? OK, the demo has 2 puzzle levels and honestly? They’re interesting. You control Vincent and you have to arrange these blocks as your stepping stones in order to reach the top, which is your main objective. It’s time consuming because there’s this gigantic monster who’s chasing you and will stab you to death if you remain idle. Theoretically it plays like a simple puzzle game with a little unique flavor poured in. It reminded me of Intelligent Qube-Cube (PSone) and there’s nothing wrong with that. I’d rather play something like this, which feels fresh, oppose to it being another character-based action title using the same visuals.

Of course it’s just a demo and there’s more to it based from the latest trailers and reports. Like there’s this instance where you have to juggle a “social link” between Catherine and Katherine via text messaging which sounds interesting. And yes the demo is obviously in Japanese so I know just a tad bit to what the fuck is going on. Since this is the “neo” Persona team, I’m sure the narrative will be splendid.

Atlus may have another hit here. I can feel it. The localization is rumored to be announced shortly after the game comes out in Japan later this month, if I’m not mistaken. Oh hell yes you know it– it’s day one for me. Biased? Maybe… at least I’m honest.


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