So… the PSP2 has been officially announced

Or rather codename NGP which stands for “Next Generation Portable”. Why aren’t they calling it PSP2 officially? Beats me. But I’m positive they won’t be using the number “2” since they would’ve just called it at the presentation and get over with it. Why allow the community to wait for the obvious y’know?

“Neo Geo Pocket” jokes aside, Sony’s new portable toy is pretty, has impressive visuals and is probably fucking expensive. No prices have been announced, but I’m guessing it’s somewhere between $300 and $400.

Now for the features. Rather than bore you with technical specs and sheets that have been copied and pasted everywhere, here are things you should know about the NGP, or what I know so far:

It has 2 analog sticks. Sticks and not nubs like the PSP ones. This is great news indeed, and first/third person shooters on the go are definitely optimized.

It has motion controls. Not surpised because the iPhones and even the 3DS have it as well.

It has a large touch screen, and the picture quality rivals the recent HDTVs. Holy. Shit. That’s awesome!

It has a touch pad on the back. Meaning it’s the NGP’s “gimmick” just like the 3DS/DS’ stylus. We’ll see how this plays out.

It can download PSP games. So probably all the things you bought in the PlayStation Network will work with it. Sad thing is that UMD owners are stuck with their original units. In short it’s not “fully” backwards compatible because…

It’s using flash based cartridges and not UMDs. A smart move or not, you decide.

It has PS3-ish graphics. Kojima and Nagoshi demoed Metal Gear Solid 4 and Yakuza 4 respectively and they look almost like their original counterparts. Of course both games aren’t being ported. But it has been semi-confirmed that there’s going to be a Yakuza game for the NGP and Kojima’s cooking something new as well. Which reminds me…

It has an Uncharted game that looks super gorgeous. Crazy. And known Sony franchises like Killzone, LittleBigPlanet and Resistance are gonna be on board as well. Also, Call of Duty NGP has been announced. Remember what I said about first person shooters on the go? Shit think about it.

Now again, with all these cool features etc., do you think Sony will go cheap on this one? Remember, they launched the PS3 and the original PSP with ridiculous MSRPs that mostly favored the diehard “day one” tech nerds. And again this is Sony for crying out loud. Sure, Ken Kutaragi is not entirely involved which is a blessing. But you can bet that it’ll be a lot more expensive than your average netboook… believe.

I’m sure we’ll find out more about the NGP in the next few months. Sony has officially a show to deliver in this year’s E3.


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