So LittleBigPlanet 2…

…is imaginatively exhilarating and super fun.

Just like some of the recent blockbuster “2’s” out there (namely Uncharted 2, Mass Effect 2), LBP2 is bigger and better. I’m quite surprised to be honest since I was expecting the game to be “LittleBigPlanet with more crazy levels and tools”. Nothing entirely wrong with that since the first game was great to begin with thanks to its creative whistles. But it wasn’t exactly a game that would topple and replace Mario as this gen’s king of 2D platform.


Maybe it was for a little while until New Super Mario Bros Wii surprised most of us. Though I’m not so sure about this…

In any case, the first game was a great platformer and the sequel? Well, they added something that was a little bit missing from the first: fun. Fun as in “I have reached the half portion of the story mode without even trying to destroy my controller”. Yes, one of the issues I had with the original was the difficulty. Not that LBP2 is a walk in a park, but the difficulty in the original was getting silly later on for me and the “fun” aspect slowly diminished the more I play it (with or without fellow Sackboy lovers).

That’s not the case with the sequel. Nope! Mostly every level you’ll be encountering is full of surprises and activities that will greatly entertain you. It may seem off, but to me it feels like Zelda where every dungeon plays differently with its unique setup and puzzles. In this one, nearly every world has its own gimmick leaving you amused throughout the rest of the experience. Whether it’s playing bouncing pads, spaceship levels ala Gradius, worm navigation, swinging like Tarzan, playing basketball or hopping via bunnies; you’ll simply be engaged. Long story short– you’ll never get bored.

Of course the jumping physics is still floaty and shitty. Annoying as it is just like the first game, it eventually became second nature for me later on. You just have to get used to it and it wouldn’t bother as much.

Get this game if you dig platformers. Trust me, it’s freakin’ worth it!

Now I haven’t tried creating my very own level yet, even though the tools have been tweaked for the better. I’m considering of making an epic stage which showcases the 5 groups of 5over5. Like for instance when your character moves to the Stories of Now segment, “Story” will play in the background. Or the Chunky Rambutan section where you’ll hear the battle honk. Though fuck that’s gonna take a while so we’ll see…


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