X-Men: First Class teaser poster and 2 more new shiny photos

First off the poster via AintItCool which looks fine and (very much so) teaser-y just like the previous X-Men movie teaser one-sheets. I’m positive the filmmakers and producers, if not the marketing people, are going for consistency here.

But I’ll be frank– I’m getting tired of this mystifying concept of showing Xs. Why not compose something more fresh or even inimitable since the movie will, based from what I’ve gathered, feel like a “reboot” of some sort?

And then SlashFilm has 2 new exclusive shots of Magneto and Xavier:

Interesting huh? What’s even more interesting however were director Matthew Vaughn’s comments regarding the (apparently) leaked group shot that circled the internet not too long ago. You can read more of that plus a couple of interesting bits about the movie here.

I’m really excited about this one (“no, you think!?”), and any movie that has an approval by Mark Millar means it’ll be fucking cool. Believe.


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