“You Don’t Get All of The Awards Without Making a Few Enemies”

Haha nice. I twitted this earlier, but I really was happy with this year’s Golden Globes in spite some of the semi-shitty nominations *ahemBestPictureInComedy/MusicalNomsahem*. Rick Gervais was hilarious as always and that makes the whole show enjoyable at the very least.

Of course the main reason why I was happy with the Globes was the near sweep of TSN. Yeah so the Globes aren’t exactly sparkling compared to the Oscars. But you can’t help but feel happy to see one of your favorite films of all time grab some history y’know?

Speaking of which, I have to start listing down my Top 10 movies AND games of 2010. It should be out in the next few days… I hope.


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