This is what Marvel vs. Capcom 3’s US box art…

…should’ve looked like. Or a variation of it. Not the ridiculous and fugly artwork by Adi Granov. No offense to the artist, but Marvel could’ve picked someone more suitable if they can’t use Shinkiro’s design (which I find very odd and disheartening really). I may be biased here, but someone like Leinil Yu or Steve McNiven or even John Cassaday would have done a better job.

Seth Killian of Capcom sir, I sure hope you’re aware that they’ve been a lot of complaints about this in various game forums. Maybe do a program or a setup where Capcom can send us a hi-resy image of the better cover design, and we’ll do the printing ourselves. It has been done before by game publishers, so why not you know? But I’m sure Capcom wouldn’t be so kind for a simple request…

And this is why I’m importing the Asian version because I’m pretty sure, 80%, it’ll have a reversible cover that includes the Japanese design. Which isn’t so bad actually. I may have to wait when it comes out yes despite me soooo dying to play MvC3 (you have no idea). Luckily Aris will be grabbing a copy here, and I would at least get a little bit of the excitement when it arrives on the week of Feb 15.

Speaking of Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Akuma/Gouki has been somewhat confirmed. Meh-ish if you ask me.


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