So the Death Note live adaptation (US) is still happening.

Various reports indicate that Shane Black (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang) has been tapped to direct the Manga adaptation.

Wasn’t like Zac Efron tied with this project years ago? Seriously though– Death Note can probably work as a Hollywood movie, and given Kiss Kiss Bang Bang’s cult reputation, it may come out as an interesting film. But of course the tone and feel will be butchered (Japanese high school elements) and that can be a serious “no no”. Imagine if game developer Bioware decides to remake Persona 3 or 4 and the setting will be in this typical midwest high school. You’d feel skeptical and at the same time pissed right?

Since we’re kinda on the same topic here– why not do a US live adapation of Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata’s Bakuman instead? Think about it; a detailed and honest perspective of the comicbook industry featuring Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield as Mashiro and Shujin respectively! With Rooney Mara as one of the girls. And hey, Michael Cera as Eiji Nizuma!

Yea sorry, I’ve seen both TSN and SPVTW again recently. Blame-sorz.


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