2010 Wrap Up

OK… it’s done. After days of carefully pinpointing the significant moments of twenty-ten (based on my experience of course), here it is! Yes I have cautiously listed down most of the memorable parts of 2010. So the stuff you’ll be reading after the cut was pretty much made with “love”. Well, I believe so. From the looks of it I guess.

Here. We. Go!


World 3 Season 2 launched and I was happy with its solid kick off. The J-RPG versus W-RPG episode was easily one of my favorites along with the first collaboration with Back2Gaming.

Also, Altair returned from his 2-month cruise adventure and we celebrated it (literally) with a bang by shooting armored heads and trash talking. That’s right — the year’s first colossal Halo night which arguably was one of the memorable ones we ever had over the last 12 months. I remember Mayor calling it a brother/chapter meeting, and I can’t help but agree. It was theoretically a complete roster for both Team Brute Force and Team Tactics. Hell, even Pineds and Dale joined the fight and to me– ‘twas freaking badass!

Originally we were supposed to try Modern Warfare 2’s multi, and it could’ve been the group’s first COD/Modern Warfare night. Sadly, the Infinity Ward (or was it Activision?) guys were being really greedy and fucking stupid, they didn’t even bother including a split screen/LAN/co-op mode. I’m betting it was Activision because Bobby Kotick’s a dick and is purely a devil amongst us.

Elsewhere… Bayonetta rocked, Mass Effect 2 rocked, BECK teaser trailer rocked and the first Nirvana night rocked!

Oh and my mano-e-mano date with Mako too. That was fun. Seriously.


Breakups & Breakdowns surprised me and I enjoyed it. That’s saying a lot coming from a guy who rarely watches these things.

Then there was Mayor ‘90s themed birthday party which rocked. Seeds of the GT have been planted in this significant event me thinks. I have a feeling it was the zero-presence of BV (Bad Vibes). At least in my perspective.

I also saw the Percy Jackson movie which sucked balls. That is of course if you read the book because they ditched a lot of the cool concepts and twists. But if you have NOT read the book, then you might find this teen-fantasy adventure a little watchable than the usual. What the hell am I saying? At least the day (or rather the night) itself when I saw the movie was enjoyable thanks to a new social link.

World 3 also became a guest host in Paolo J Cruz’s GeekFight. It was pretty honorable and we had tons of fun. Wow, I miss GeekFight.


Final Fantasy XIII was released and haters be haters — I enjoyed the game on some layers mmmkay? Sure, it wasn’t exactly the most awesome piece of heaven some pretentious fanboys out there have been praising (believe me, there’s still some idiots on the loose). But you know what? It wasn’t entirely a terrible game either. Disappointing’s the word.

But you know what was really awesome? The Scott Pilgrim vs the World teaser trailer! Best video teaser of the month. I remember showing it to 5over5 three times over at the Barracks just because.


The comical term IFGC – that is Instant Friendship Gathering Confirmed – started this month thanks to an impromptu hangout that happened on a Holy weekend. I believe it was me, Altair, Mako, Ice, Dale, Mela and Josh that met up that night. Unless I’m missing someone…

Kick Ass premiered and suddenly everybody had a crush on Hit Girl. Most of us at least.

Weeks after was Iron Man 2. It may carry some fanservice moments, but let’s just be honest and consider it an inferior movie shall we? THORSONA!

Lola Ninay passed away this month by the way. We all miss her and my Mom had no choice but to visit Manila. Sad. But it was nice to reconnect with the ‘other side’ relatives, particularly Joey and Rico. Uh huh. Yeah…

World 3 tagged along at the Lighs Out Yaoi con in the hopes of attracting new listeners. It was semi-successful regardless and I personally had a blast despite me being umm, out of place if you know your anime/manga lingo.

“Shit hits the fan” or “shit just got real” episode(s) happened shortly after the Yaoi event. The less I talk about it, the better. Deal? Good.


Tali happened. Possibly one of the best outings I ever had in my life. No exaggeration kids, Mako’s birthday trip was phenomenal, remarkable and hands down legendary. From the epic mix to the cliff jumps, the disc battles and the unexpected ‘epilogue’ — can you say weekend confirmed? OK so I’m imitating Garnet Lee’s widely successful podcast that has nothing to do with the trip. But I can’t help it y’know because truly, that trip was just… amazing.

Some would say it’s a worthy follow up to 2009’s 5over5 trip. I say, at least for me personally, that it’s a ‘reboot’ of what 5over5 really was in the first place. Good friends, good food, good booze, good company and yes– good times.

Oh and yea I had a lot of that too days and weeks after the trip. Hanging out with the Casas brothers (my neighbors basically) was quite the shit too.


More epic and good times with 5over5 followed on a regular basis. The weekly Ultimate Frisbee sessions were a breath of fresh air, and it was just the right ‘exercise’ for me.

The band Stories of Now (formerly 10 Stories Fall) gave me a position and I was able to design their logo. Sweetness, and their gigs this month were pretty outstanding if I remember correctly.

In other news… Nintendo officially unveiled the 3DS promising a lot of triple A titles on board, Toy Story 3 made us cry and I finally learned to play Defense of the Ancients properly.


The Northern Lights music video shoot. Say what you will, but we all had fun right? I know I did. Hell, ask Mako. He knows.

Speaking of the band, the Songs and Stories prod launched and it was pretty fantastic. I.B.A., One Walks Away and among others performed superbly and packed in a solid show. Impressive and the Mr Kebab food afterwards made the night smoother.

And there was Inception. Saw it 4 times in the theaters then and that was it for me. Fucking crazy movie.

Oh oh and someone decided to play ****o**. Douchebag confirmed. I’ll say nothing more.

I almost forgot: The part where Stories of Now and I jammed “Moon on the Water”. Best night of the month for me indeed.


Classic GeekFight at Makati where Chunky Rambutan (me, Kenneth, Altair, Mako, Mayor, Red, Candy and a bunch of others like Nemo) almost grabbed the top prize. Almost! Nevertheless it was an awesome trivia night thanks to a handful of goody topics and the best bonus round ever.

Tokyo part deux also happened where I was able to reunite with my sister Grach in my favorite city of the world (well, so far). I’ve been saving that trip for years and yes ‘twas worth every penny. Worth all the dough I accumulated in GameStop, E-Room and Iceman’s Viagra/Rolexx gig.

Shibuya, Harajuku, Shinjuku, Akihabara, Kamakura, Super Potato, Tatsuya, Bic Camera, crazy ramen places, museums, the corner where YUI as Amane Kaoru played “It’s Happy Line”, vending machines that will make you purchase stuff oppose to normal vending machines, the Sephiroth replica, JR lines, the San Francisco cosplayers we met at Comiket…

Damn, I MISS Tokyo. Good times and a special thank you shout out once again to cousin Rico, Izumi and baby Sora-chan.

Elsewhere… and this was before Tokyo: I gave Mia and Mica a hug. That is all.


Casa Nami, this surfer-ish bar located at Jupiter Makati, became (officially) our new favorite gig-hotspot. Their nachos are AMAZING and unbeatable in my opinion. One of the memorable things that happened during a major SON gig that time was the pseudo Tali reunion. Basically 90% of the guys who went to Mako’s birthday trip last May dropped by, and we even tried copying the “class picture” photo as you can see above (plus some too).

My sister also briefly tagged along with the group and its wacky ventures. Particularly the gigs, Ultimate Frisbees and even geek-nights.

She left back to the US roughly around the last week of the month. Mako and I dropped her at the airport, and I remember we were discussing how the occasion felt like a crucial moment. Indeed it was for me… because it would be my turn eventually. Hence shortly after that I status-messaged the words “the road to Season Ender begins”. I believe Altair recognized it and he definitely agreed.

Somewhere down the road… Capcom announced the new Devil May Cry game featuring a HMV -and disgusting- version of Dante, Halo nights which had new blood and teammates (not to mention happy headshots/beatdowns), more bakes, and the fluky word “TRIP” was born.


Counting down and preparing stuff was relentlessly difficult. There are times where I would wake up and randomly be bogged down. You don’t wanna know the details really but they were a pain.

Luckily 5over5 began her Season Ender c/o buddies Kenneth and Altair. Yep, their back-to-back birthday celebrations and it was crazy enjoyable. The paintball match specifically where Mr. Lambert shot me while trying a roadie (Gears of War) run. Oh and booze too plus seeing Malsi fucked up. Fun stuff. Epic weekend confirmed.

Then there was the David Fincher and Aaron Sorkin Facebook movie – The Social Network. Don’t ask how many times I’ve seen it.

“Sorry, my Prada is at the cleaners, along with my hoodie and my ‘fuck you’ flip-flops, you pretentious douche bag!”

Enough said. A couple of GTs also happened also this month. IFGCs, the aces of 375, you name it!


The finale. Fact: Whenever a TV series closes off an entire season; it normally ends it with not 1, not 2 but a couple of episodes in order to cap it off properly. Therefore in my case or experience, that’s what November 2010 felt like – a series of Season Ender episodes. Really good and memorable ones in my opinion. What happened back in October was probably just a fraction, or dare I say “Episode One”.

First off was the post-birthday Scott Pilgrim vs. the World private screening we had over at Kenneth’s. Fucking. Epic. The. Best.

*tsk tsk ahem*

Speaking of which, Altair and I planned the possibilities of a 5over5 movie days after my birthday. It’ll be semi non-linear similar to The Social Network with the craziness (and editing) of Scott Pilgrim. Err yes something like that. The movie’s first scene will be in the all-time-fave-eatery Pink Place and it’ll feature us both talking. Anyway moving on…

Then there was my birthday[slash]despedida party which was also at Kenneth’s. It was packed with 5-ers and some special appearances. Goody times even though I was semi-panicky. Food (c/o Nichols) was excellent and glad the people dig it (umm right?). Also released my ‘final’ CD, which had tunes that personally fit the last few months. Oh and the Megamind 3D viewing that happened a day after the party was pretty cool too.

Recording of World 3’s final episode also took place a week after the party. It was a good show thanks to an all-star-ish cast and special guests.

OK then finally, the weekend. The ending of Hybrid of Infinite Worlds and (what I believe is) the true epilogue of 5over5 Season 4.

First was Candy’s awesomesauce fedora party at Casa Nami. Drinks galore (whisky sour was badass thanks to Josh) and the last time I saw a bunch of faces. Namely Jill, Reb, Marlon and Bon. But yes the night was dee-lightful.

24 hours later was the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 movie-out at Greenbelt (wow, I miss GB). We saw the movie around 11:20PM if I’m not mistaken. Another epic-y night indeed and I’ll just leave it like that.

AND now the final final day.

It may be the saddest day of 2010 personally, but at the same time it was also the best day of 2010 for me. I didn’t have any concrete plans that time because it was all about me resting and making final preparations for the flight. Not that I didn’t want any ‘plans’, but planning generally was out of the question for obvious reasons. So I told everybody to just come over and chill like whatever y’know, and that’s what mainly happened.

The afternoon I remember it was just me, Altair and Mayor hanging out at 375 (they slept over after HP7.1). People were texting us what’s the plan and I mentioned that it would be just nice if everybody could just come over. All signs point to yes but some have no transportation. Fortunately Altair thought of picking up those guys who have no transpo, and at the same time get some food also for the night. Sure why not. Gave him the key of Justice (haha nice) and off he goes along with Mayor!

Shortly after they left; Mako dropped by, then Joey, then Kenneth, and then Josh, then (surprisingly) Ruther, and we all hanged out in the coffee shop. Patiently waiting for the rest of course. Hours later and boom! – probably the greatest view I’ve seen in recent memory. Altair and Mayor appeared out of nowhere with an ensemble cast – Mela, Chen, Ice, Dale, Tricia, Mark, Patrick and Red. How did they all manage to fit inside Justice, I have no fucking idea.

So there you have it. The season finale. The hours we spent moments before my flight were just… priceless. Confirmed…


So my new rebooted-like life started weeks after the 22nd of November. Adjusting took a while. And mind you the adjusting doesn’t have anything to do with ‘the past’. It’s mostly because of the weather and jet lag.

Lotsa interesting stuff have happened too in this month to be honest. Like the parties and making new friends, my reunion with bossman Chris and ACen buddy Kari, the amount of food the fridge houses, oh and yes games.

Games I haven’t been playing due to the preparations and shit. Vanquish was freaking awesome. Ultimate Ninja Storm 2’s story mode was pretty slick (it made me read Naruto and I’m sorta updated-ish with the current events). Call of Duty Blops was alright and the multiplayer’s addicting as always. And Ass Creed Brotherhood was pretty badass too even though the ending wasn’t as strong and memorable like its predecessor.


Alrighty that’s it for the wrap up. 2010? Thank you. Thank you so much.


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