Hello hello and welcome to…

…zepperoni [dot]wordpress[dot]com. My new blog, which is technically the spiritual successor to Hybrid of Infinite Worlds (my old and dead-ish Livejournal) and A Little More than Before (my *so* dead Multiply account). Only of course Zepperoni will be better in terms of content and less “gemo” shenanigans.

C’mon guys, I’m fucking done with that retarded phase. If ever though you’re gonna see some hazy entries here, it doesn’t entirely translate to me cutting myself, or me sucking up the negativity and be absolutely depressed. Nothing wrong with sharing a little pain here and there don’t ya think?

Anyway, what you’ll be seeing here are random crazy-internet stuff that interest me and updates of what I’ve been currently up to.  Games, the latest movies/trailers, LTTP (Late To The Party) whatnots, some graphic design maybe, breaking pop-culture news, where I recently buzzed out, and so on…

Basically — a blog.

Now, will I be updating Zepp on a regular basis? That depends. Currently I have ‘time’ and I might probably update from time-to-time assuming there are interesting bits going around (based on my recent entries below, there seems to be quite a bunch). So really it depends but I guess for now I can say… yeah. Sure. Why not?

A reboot. A start of something new. That’s what essentially Zepp is.

Mako (a really good friend of mine) told me hours before I left Manila that waking up the next day will feel like one of those Japanese RPG prologues. Kinda like the opening of Chrono Trigger (though I doubt he was referring to that… or was he?). Refreshed and geared up for another epic adventure. And yea, that pretty much what happened the next day, which was the 23rd of November.

I’ll never forget the 22nd though… more on that on my 2010 Year Wrap Up piece which should be out next week.

Anyhoo — welcome once again and keep in touch ya you awesome guys you.


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