Dissidia 012 Japanese Limited Edition PSP…

…looks pretty. Jesus Christ I want one. Now.


Sadly that won’t be the case because a) it’s expensive -roughly less than $300 which includes the Japanese version of Dissidia 2- b) it will, obviously, be limited and the Japanese or Asian fans are going to be grabbing it ASAP. And c) it’s umm expensive and I’d rather save up for the 3DS, which is coming out 2-3 months time.

Don’t mind having the game in Japanese because I played the import of the first game more so than its translated counterpart. And c’mon the Yoshitaka Amano artwork is really pretty so who cares y’know?

I just do hope that Square Enix USA will release a similar-ish bundle as well. But hey, I highly doubt it given that the past Dissidia bundle included a vanilla Mystic Silver colored PSP. Maybe in Europe where they get limited eds of Final Fantasies and Kingdom Hearts. Stupid Squenix of US.


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