Went Karaoking…

…not too long ago and I, surprisingly, had a lot of fun. The amount of songs that place (forgot the name… Ding-something) had a lot of really good ones. Japanese Pop and Rock good ones to be precise yo namely L’arc en Ciel, UVERworld, The Brilliant Green, Monkey Majik, of course YUI stuff and a bunch of others.

I was amazed really because I was expecting it to be half-assed considering the only Karaoke places I go to in IL are the Filipino restos located at Irving Park. Nothing entirely against those per-se and/or its loyal customers (they’re the only few places that serve Sisig in this state). It’s just I’m probably sick of hearing the same old shit (typical beer-songs, y’know what I mean) every time I bum inside those not-super-spacious ‘bars’.

Songs I sang, which of course were 90% unknowns to my newfound friends, were Honey, Rooftops and Fly. The latter in which I kinda fucked up haha ^^;

Is it better than goody-ol Wako though? Personally, they’re pretty much the same fun-wise. But of course Wako still has more Japanese songs overall and wider album selections. If it makes sense; Ding-whatever-something is run by Koreans. Enough said.

Oh Wako… how I miss thee…


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