Hello Zepperoni, I haven’t updated you in a while…

…primarily because I’m still adjusting to this new, rebooted-y life. Though don’t worry because I will be updating you greatly over the next few weeks and will (finally) reveal you to the whole wide world! That’s right– Zepperoni is going to be my ‘flagship’ blog indeed. I hope ^^;

Snow sucks ass by the way. I mean, who fucking misses winter y’know? Kids and probably folks who haven’t experienced its chilly winds and annoying coat-over-coat repertoire?


It’s too bad that most of the (neat) shirts I packed in will be staying in their respective drawers for a while. Same goes to my jackets that I normally suit up during my old nightlife days and Makati afternoons. Believe me, it’s gonna be a while till I use my fave fabrics thanks to this fucking weather change.

First post in nearly a month and it’s about clothes huh? Silly me.

*stomach growls*

Whoops, I just got up y’know after a semi-good 8 hour snooze fest and I’m really REALLY hungry. Better grab lunch ASAP.


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